15 Sep '14
Best Laundry Detergent Ever! I have 6 kids and do MOUNTAINS of laundry every week!  Buying a good laundry detergent [...]

Best Laundry Detergent Ever!

I have 6 kids and do MOUNTAINS of laundry every week!  Buying a good laundry detergent was costing us quite a bit of money, so I was intrigued by the possibility of making it myself…plus as I am trying to be more eco-friendly, I thought that trying a DIY Laundry Detergent would be another small step I could do.  But, my laundry needs are pretty ‘heavy duty’ so I started out with the attitude that if it wasn’t getting the clothes clean enough, I would go back to the commercial brands.  Well, it was 6 months ago that I whipped up my first batch, and today I made another!  First of all, the detergent did pass my ‘is it clean enough’ standards–basic stains and the daily grime of life was washed away as desired.  (I will admit that I do still use a spray stain remover on the worst of the stains, but I did that with the expensive commercial stuff too.)  Second– it lasted 6 months!   I do on average 10-12 BIG loads of laundry a week, which means I got around 250+ loads out of the batch which cost me about $15 to make.  –Now, that’s a smart Mama!  It is really simple to make–in fact this batch was even easier than the first one because Zote now sells preshaved soap flakes!!!! That means you don’t have to shave the soap–which was the ‘hardest’ part.  Here is the recipe–have fun!

‘Super-Mom’ Home Made Laundry Detergent

Just mix all the ingredients together.  A great tip is to pour everything into a garbage sack and mix it up that way–it is a good way to get it all mixed and it keeps the ‘dust’ from choking ya. 😉 

*Some recipes you can find online don’t include the Oxi-Clean.  Technically you don’t absolutely need it, and it is the most expensive part of the detergent.  However with a troop of young kids that live life to the fullest, I need as much stain-fighting power as I can get!  If your clothes don’t get especially dirty, go ahead and try it without, it should be just great.

**Are ya a little shocked that I don’t have essential oils in the mix?  Actually you CAN add oils to it while you are mixing if you want.–But I prefer to save my oils for when the clothes go into the dryer.–Just a few drops of any oil I am in the mood for on a damp cloth and thrown in with the damp clothes acts as a natural fabric softener and makes everything smell heavenly!  Some of my faves are Citrus Bliss for the towels and washcloths, and Lavender for the bedding!

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